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Technology Education

What is technology education?

For us, technology education means providing young people with the tools to adapt quickly to the challenges of our time in a dynamic digitalized world. It means developing technical solutions to issues such as resource scarcity and energy generation, as well as an awareness of nature, and innovating in ways that benefit everyone/people and the planet. 

What we do

  • Awakening interest in technology

    Children’s inquisitiveness about technology needs to be encouraged, particularly outside the school setting. We thus support innovative extra-curricular projects that enable young people to explore their creativity and develop practical skills in state-of-the-art technologies.   

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    Strengthening innovation

    Technological innovation requires inventiveness and the ability to think outside the box. Our goal is to encourage young people to work in a scientifically sound way and build the practical experience and networks they need to put their ideas into business and social practice.

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Our goal

We believe that technological innovation requires being future-oriented, staying ahead of the curve and working consistently to realise one’s vision as our founder Karl Schlecht has done, both in his business career and in his philanthropy.  

In 2004, KSG endowed a chair for wind energy at the University of Stuttgart, when wind farm construction was still facing significant political and community resistance, and we continue to support technology and social innovation labs in several higher education institutions, schools and extra-curricular programmes.  

Through these programmes, we enable young people to develop their curiosity and skills and promote a spirit of innovation in social and economic spaces. "Made in Germany," we believe, should remain a mark of outstanding technology and excellent engineering. 

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  • Technology Education

    Schüler*innenlabore an der Hochschule Pforzheim

    Project description

    Die technischen Labore der Hochschule Pforzheim bieten einen faszinierenden Einblick in die Zukunft der Technik und in die Welt von morgen. Die Zielgruppe sind Schülerinnen und Schüler aller Gymnasien in und um Pforzheim.

    Technisches Interesse bei Schülerinnen und Schülern wecken

  • Technology Education

    Reutlinger Energie-Zentrum

    Project description

    Das Reutlinger Energiezentrum für Dezentrale Energiesysteme und Energieeffizienz (REZ) als kooperativer Lehr- und Forschungsverbund steht in der Verantwortung, kluge Köpfe für „Die Energiewende“ auf höchstem Niveau auszubilden: „Wir bilden die Energieexperten für morgen aus!“

    Wie gestalten wir unser klimaneutrales Energiesystem?

Why is technology education important?

Strength in technological innovation means being ahead of the times, creating paths through unexplored terrain. Such a pioneering spirit requires an environment that allows new solutions to emerge through playful and creative approaches.   

Methods such as design thinking and Lego Serious Play are one example - but what is needed above all is practical action and space to put ideas into practice. That is, an environment for putting new ideas into concrete practice using the latest technologies, and a network that  facilitates testing market and economic viability at an early stage of development. 

As Thomas Alva Edison (U.S. inventor and entrepreneur 1847 - 1931) said: "Invention: one percent inspiration - ninety-nine percent perspiration."

  • "Technology education is a prerequisite for developing technical innovations in an increasingly digital world and helping shape the future in an ecologically and economically sustainable way."

    Dr. Katrin Schlecht
    CEO, Karl Schlecht Foundation

  • Technology that inspires!

    Do you have an idea for an innovative project to engage young people in the pursuit of technological discovery and excellence?   Learn more about getting it funded.