Führung + X


Good leadership reconsidered

There’s no single model of good leadership. Leadership (FÜHRUNG) is a process that evolves through multiple encounters/transactions, as well as within oneself. 

It takes actions, large and small, to succeed at leadership, it takes people to bring a team forward, and a team to produce results. There are also some personality traits without which good leadership is almost impossible.  

  • FÜHRUNG + X is a good leadership campaign, an exploration of what’s important for leadership in the future. 
  • FÜHRUNG + X is dedicated to understanding the characteristics of good leaders. X represents these diverse qualities, on one of which we focus each year’s campaign. 

F+X Themes, Series 1 (2018-2022) 

  • 2018 I Creativity 
  • 2019 I Responsibility 
  • 2020 I Trust 
  • 2021 I Empathy 
  • 2022 I Passion 

F+X Website

F+X Advisory Committee

FÜHRUNG + X is a collaborative project undertaken with some of our partners: 

  • Weltethos Institut Tübingen (WEIT) 
  • Wittenberg-Zentrum für Globale Ethik (WZGE) 
  • Leadership Excellence Institute, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen (LEIZ) 
  • Erich Fromm Study Center (EFSC), International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin
  • HEED – Institute for Human Engineering and Empathic Design, Pforzheim University 
  • UnternehmerTUM, Technical University Munich 
  • And participants from many of our other funded projects 


F+X Themes, Series 2 (2023-2027)

  • 2023 I Power
  • The theme for each of the following years will be agreed by the advisory committee and announced in autumn of the preceding year.

F+X Website

  • F+X: What constitutes good leadership?  

    Learn more about “X” - the competencies needed for good leadership and the creative formats through which we explore them.