Cultural Education

What is cultural education?

For us, cultural education means learning to use one's creative potential through learning and doing in the arts.  This means much more than going to the theatre, reading the classics or developing technical know-how in the arts. Rather, it’s about developing artistic and creative competences that make it easier to think outside the box, develop new and unconventional approaches to problem-solving and actively shape one’s life.  

What we do

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    Learning by doing

    We believe that cultural education should be an integral part of both everyday and lifelong learning. Our goal is therefore to give young people opportunities to develop their artistic and creative potential. To this end, we support a range of cultural initiatives in schools and universities, as well as those that bring them together with cultural institutions to deliver hands-on instruction and experience.  

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    Supporting early career artists

    Our goal is to promote the creative development of young artists and help them gain wider recognition as role models and idea generators. We believe that they should be given the freedom and tools to explore and hone their abilities and therefore support institutions and initiatives that nurture artistic talent and creative competence.


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Our goal

Good leadership needs creativity; above all, it must generate ideas and solve problems.

Our foundation’s vision is to help people develop both their artistic potential and their personal qualities and to nurture creative approaches to addressing the economic and social challenges of our time. We are therefore committed to the cultural education of schoolchildren, students and the next generation of artists, as well as enhancing cultural competence in the business world.  

We support cultural education projects in Baden-Württemberg and Berlin. 

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  • Cultural Education

    Förderfonds Kunst und Kultur

    Project description

    Kinder und Jugendliche sollen die Möglichkeit haben, die Welt von morgen aktiv mitzugestalten. Dazu benötigen sie auch kreative Kompetenz. Der Förderfonds „Kunst und Kultur“ der Stiftung Bildung unterstützt bestehende und geplante Projekte zu den Themen künstlerische- und kulturelle Bildung an Kitas und Schulen. 

    Förderung von künstlerischen und kulturellen Projekten an Kitas, Kindergärten, Grundschulen und weiterführenden Schulen

  • Cultural Education

    Kreativ durch Achtsamkeit – gegenwART

    Project description

    Achtsamkeits- und Kunst-Workshopreihe „gegenwART“ für Master- und Promotionsstudierende

    mit MBSR-Experte Markus Zeh und dem Künstler und Kunstvermittler Valentin Hennig

    Vermittlung von Kreativitäts-, Achtsamkeits- und Stressmanagementstrategien im Kontext von Mindful-Leadership.

  • Cultural Education

    FILUM Talentwettbewerb für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Kontrabass

    Project description

    Neben der puren Begeisterung für die Musik will der Wettbewerb bemerkenswerte junge Talente fördern, sie fordern und ihnen den Weg auf die Bühnen und Orchestersäle der Welt erleichtern.

    Der FILUM Talentwettbewerb richtet sich an junge Streicherinnen und Streicher in den Fächern Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Kontrabass im Alter von 7 bis 20 Jahren.

  • Cultural Education

    SingPause – Grundschule Aich

    Project description

    „Singpause“ ist eine bundesweite Initiative der Stiftung „Singen mit Kindern“ in Kooperation mit Musikschulen und Schulen und wird für zunächst 3 Jahre an der Grundschule Aich in Kooperation mit dem FILUM Filderstadt umgesetzt.

    Musikalische Bildung an Grundschulen

  • Cultural Education

    Akademie 2030 der Staatsoper Stuttgart

    Project description

    Die Akademie 2030 der Staatsoper Stuttgart ist ein zukunftsweisender Zusammenschluss junger Persönlichkeiten, um die Arbeitswelt im aktuellen Theaterbetrieb zu hinterfragen und gleichzeitig modellhaft für die Zukunft zu denken. Sie bildet eine Brücke zwischen Ausbildung und Berufsleben.

    Exzellenzprogramm für junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler

Why is cultural education important?

Interview with Katrin Schlecht

Why does a good leader need to be creative?

Good leadership requires mental agility, people who can think outside the box and find diverse solutions. I therefore consider human creativity to be an indispensable core competence - especially in this era of digitalisation: machines can’t think creatively. Only through creative people can the economy and society remain agile; only through creative people can others be motivated and carried forward.  

© Picture: Kulturschule Lise Meitner Gymnasium, Böblingen

And this is where cultural education helps?

Art and culture are so diverse. Anyone who engages with it will encounter inspiring approaches that can enhance their own. Furthermore, the field is so broad that it's not uncommon to come across things you don't understand right away. Dealing with such things is a valuable experience. It makes you more conscious of your own abilities and limitations. But you also begin to think your way into it, ask questions, look deeper, and grow in the process. This strengthens self-reflection and empathy, broadens your perspective and thereby promotes personal development. That's precisely why we support these kinds of encounters through our projects.


© Picture: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, gegenwART 2022

But creative work also plays a role in leadership?

Of course, it's indispensable. Through creative work, children, teenagers and young adults learn to use their own skills creatively and generate new ideas. These are also central tasks of good leadership. 

  • "For me, cultural education means approaching new questions with an open mind, thinking associatively and being able to solve problems creatively." 

    Dr. Katrin Schlecht
    CEO, Karl Schlecht Foundation

  • Culture matters!

    Do you have a project that provides cultural education for young people and promotes our vision of good leadership? Learn more about getting it funded.