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Application Process

From submission to award

    Step 1: Application portal

    Before applying for a grant, please read our funding guidelines (in German).

    Note that within the remit of our “cultural education” division, we only consider projects which will be carried out in Baden-Württemberg or Berlin.

    Read our funding guidelines here.

    Applying for funding is done through our online portal. If you do not already have an account, first register for the portal. After logging into your account, enter all necessary information relevant to the funding stream for which you are applying. At the present time, the portal instructions are in German only, but you may complete the application forms in English if necessary. You can save and edit your application at any time. Queries will also be coordinated via this portal.   

    We will review your application and inform you of our decision in approximately 4 - 6 weeks. 

    Please note, all applications must be submitted via our online portal. Project applications submitted by email will not be considered. 

    Register for the application portal here

    Step 2: Acceptance/Rejection

    After reviewing your proposal, the Karl Schlecht Foundation will notify you in writing of our decision to accept or reject your application. Should we accept it, you will receive confirmation in the form of an “approval notice” (Bewilligungsbescheid). For accepted projects involving several partners, a longer funding duration and/or a higher funding amount, you will receive a “grant agreement” (Zuwilligungsbescheid) to sign instead of an approval notice. If you have received approval of your proposal, please fill out and sign the accompanying “scheduled use of funds” (Mittelabrufsplan) form and return it to us within two weeks. 

    Step 3: Public Relations

    It is important to the Karl Schlecht Foundation that outputs of the projects we fund are communicated to the public. Please ensure, therefore, that you include adequate publicity for all relevant events, news and results in your project planning. 

    Download our PR checklist

    Step 4: Monitoring

    As a non-profit organisation, the Karl Schlecht Foundation is legally obligated both to use funds in accordance with its statutes and to document their appropriate use to its supervisory board. Funded entities must therefore provide comprehensive documentation and reporting on use of funds given to them by the Karl Schlecht Foundation.  

    What is the reporting procedure?

    For projects of up to one year’s duration, a final report must be submitted within three months of project completion or at the time agreed when the funding award is granted. 

    For projects of one year or more, we typically require interim reports at the end of each year and a final report covering the entire funded period within three months of project completion. 

    All project reports must be uploaded via the online portal. 

    Further questions 

    If you have questions about the funding process that are not covered here, in the funding guidelines or the FAQs, please contact Ms. Eva Schall, Executive Assistant. 

    +49 7127 599 345 


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