Good Leadership

What do we mean by Good Leadership?   

Our concept of good leadership means ethical and forward-looking leadership based on humanistic values. 

These values include trust, fairness, responsibility, empathy, passion and creativity, as well as finding joy in work and life. (See Cophy-Sheet, our founder's value catalogue.)

We believe that to lead well, a person needs:  

  • An ethical orientation: good leadership must be fair and conscience-driven 
  • A mature personality and strong interpersonal competence - to foster clarity and trust  
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and attitude - to set goals and open up possibilities 
  • Creativity - to generate ideas and solutions  
  • Innovativeness and a can-do spirit - to put ideas and solutions into practice  

To strengthen leadership excellence in business and society, we thus support projects which foster young people’s talent and character development. 

We focus our support in the following thematic areas:


Our Goals

We believe that business and society need more people who embody these qualities of good leadership, so we can better address the growing challenges of our time and find ways for people, nature, society and the economy to coexist.  

For us, good leadership begins early and at the individual level: learning self-management and developing one’s own values from childhood on. Only when you can lead yourself and understand your own values are you ready to lead others and be a role model for them.   

Encouraging the character development of young people from early childhood through school, higher education and into the early career phase is, in our view, the best way to discover and nurture talent in a targeted manner and it therefore lies at the heart of our work.  

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