Filderstadt Music School

A Beacon for Music Education 

The Filderstadt Music School (FILUM) is an international, intercultural and integrated centre for music education. Here, children and adults of all backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of music courses and activities. 

FILUM is also committed to nurturing musical excellence. It provides the foundational training and careful guidance talented musicians need for a professional artistic career and sets standards through its Student Preparation Department.  


  • FILUM Music School 

    We want to give children a chance to discover and use their musical potential. Our goal is therefore to nurture their talent from an early age and to provide a space that enables people and music to come together in perfect harmony. 

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    FILUM Symphony Orchestra 

    The FILUM Symphony Orchestra is known far beyond Filderstadt for its high quality and wide repertoire, ranging from baroque concertos to performances of works by contemporary composers. 

Why is music education important?

Brigitte Schlecht, member of the advisory board, and Karl Schlecht, KSG founder, on FILUM 

What does FILUM mean to you? 
For us FILUM is a place created in which one can learn through play. 

And what does music mean to you? 
Music is an expression of doing, being able to do and succeeding in doing it. Every culture has its own music. It’s no coincidence that music the world over is an accompaniment to religious worship and personal events. Music is a global language. 

What motivated you as a couple to engage so deeply with the music school in your home town?  
We wanted to give the people of Filderstadt a space to enjoy music and “learning to learn”. A space in which they can feel joy for what they‘re doing rather than a sense of effort and self-sacrifice, and in which children’s character development and talent can be nurtured from an early age. FILUM as a place of learning rooted here, enriches everyone and inspires our young people to the same later on in their own lives. 

Why was it so important for you to build an outstanding new home for FILUM? 
Early education in music has a major impact on people’s development. In building a new facility for FILUM, we had a chance to meet many needs of music education and to provide music with a stage.   

  • Music is a very special form of self-expression, passion and creativity. For me, it’s essential to support music education as part of all-round personality development and the capacity for self-management it encourages. 

    Dr. Katrin Schlecht 
    CEO, Karl Schlecht Foundation 

  • Additional support for young artists 

    We also support young talent across the arts and beyond the Filderstadt area. Learn more about our cultural education projects.